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The maestro dances to the cosmos

Like a maestro composition of a concerto,
A dancers potrayal of a mastered contotion,
A painters confused portrait of the cosmos.
This is my theatre.From there to here and thence to yonder
From tears to laughter and thence to the belly of the earth
This is my dance, my song, my creation
This is the art for which I bear a predilection.
The fertile lands whereupon gods test their imagination.
I will be done soon and I'll leave you to judge,
For now let me do this dance to completion
And let it not be said I did not live through the competition
Lest the cosmos judge me unfairly.
Hear my receding footsteps, honour my song, immortalise my dance
For I did it so well.
In this theatre I was the maestro, the dancer, the painter.

Or so I thought

I did not count of the demons citing a different tune
Nor another puppet master pulling the strings
I did not see the gods' hands flow over the canvass
Only the doctor's pronouncements of my ACQUIRED wealth.
Which came with a coffin and my final persecution: AIDS.

Dear minister

Last night I dreamt I heard a poet asking:
Isn't it your egos masturbation
That threatens our nation with anhilation,
Or is it your insufficient education
In the ways of our holly benediction
That sees you in such acts of immoral copulation.

I thought they said there was a great Lion
Prowling on the great holly mount Zion,
Holding a staff crafted of pure Iron.
Who traded that staff for this glitter of Neon?
That you masked politicians wear so crudely.

I hope you hold these words memorized,
As they shout of a nation demoralized
And ask why your resources stand immobilized,
While our people stand paralyzed,
As they stare at their children being devoured
by a virus created by the doctors ego.

The sun cried

Because an angel had fallen
And a flower stripped off it's pollen
The suns tears were golden
as it bled over an untold spectacle

We were mesmerised and amazed
For the invincible sun head been grazed
by dirty knives and unforgiving hearts
The sun wept and the doors of heaven closed

Death danced among us unabashed
The fatal temptress swayed her hips
and the ignorant men threw their picks
forgetting about the gold they were digging
Instead they searched for gold between her thighs.

The moon stood on the other corner smiling
More and more darker nights were piling
So few of us saw the devil comming
But the temptrees of hell saw it happening
And so the sun would weep more.

Poor men, they didn't know it was fool's gold
So they kept going back for more and more
Untill she started feeding off their cells and slowly
and painfully she started killing them
Some called her AIDS
some said that was her child
But the sun cried
because IGNORANCE had dealth mankind it's most fatal blow.

I AM...

I am death

Lying moist and tender between a womans thighs

Dangling magnificently between a mans thighs

I come with a little surrendering yelp

I come with an earth-shattering explosion

I come coupled with unity and love


I am potent

Even though I hide behing pink bushes

I stand glorius in my rockhard erection

And I wait for those who have forgotten their shields

So I can devour them in their moment of ecstacy


I am famous

Among the rich of the beatifull mansions

Among the poor of the charity projects

The beautifull of glory and glitter and glamour

The ugly of the backstreets and shameful whorehouses


I am ecstacy

Tasted in the sublime recesses of copulation

Achieved with an exquisite display of bumping and grinding

Delivered in the most primal of unadulterated desires

Delivered with warm massages of a thrusting pole


I am

whatever you call me

I am the invisible devil

My invincibility lies in your ignorance

My strength lies in your pride and arrogance

You carry my venom in your unfaithfullness.

I am Acquired

And you will acquire me with your raunchy steamy
and unprotected copulation.