Riding the blessed wagon


The lord is my treasured love

He is more immaculate than dove

                             And his mercy is at galore

                           He touches me and blesses me

                                Hallowed be thy name




                                  The Lord is my life

                       He is Jehovah my coach and source

                          To the needy the Lord provides

                   The Lord holds through and never change

                                Hallowed be thy name




                                The Lord is my rock

                    His surreptions are not compromised

                        To the lost He welcomes back

                        Pata, Pata I praise you Lord

                             Hallowed be thy name

(c)Magwabeni V.BTM



Greetings be to you dearest death

      Thee who convey rage and fury to those enjoying

          Why can't you learn from our dearest birth

 Him who induce delight and pleasure to those expecting

                    Greetings my dearest death


               Shame to you death and your labor

  Thee who destroy lovely friendships and relationships

           I hate thee though I don't fear thy sting

                 Unaware you visit our courts

                       Oh, my dearest death


                 My loved ones you stole away

             And left me asking when is my day

          I witness the young and old passing by

                   Where on earth is thy sting

                       Oh, my dearest death


         Dear brethren, death is your door to riches

          Our lord Jesus defeated death so shall we

        Rejoice, death is defeated by the Almighty

       Eternal life will be for those who live right

                   Sorry, my dearest death  
(c)Magwabeni V.B


Lord is my victory

                        Oh God you are my love

                        The Lord is my success

                    Oh God you are my progress

                 His victory is the reason I smile


          The Almighty God delivers and saves me

                          No trap can lure me

           The King of Judah forgives and forgets

                    No obstacle will hinder me

                 His victory is also my victory


                      The Lord is my triumph

                   Oh God you are my delight

                      The Lord is my leader

                  Oh God you are my anchor

              His victory is the reason I sing


                The covert is his Holy name

             All who worship Him shall live

                 The chore is to be humble

                Venerate and pay homage

             And live victorious with Him


(c)Magwabeni V.B â„¢


If loving Jesus is an activity
I am committed to participate

If loving Jesus is a jewel
I am committed to treasure it

If loving Jesus is a game
I am committed to play it

If loving Jesus is a task
I am committed to accomplish it

If loving Jesus is a journey
I am committed to take a ride

If loving Jesus is a mountain
I am committed to climb it

If loving Jesus is a river
I am committed to cross it

If loving Jesus is a crime
I am committed to be sentenced for life

A Prayer For Jesus

Lord please let me
Revenge for Your pains
Again and again and again

I'll stab and put thorn thrown
On Judas' head
And make him carry the cross 'till his death

Unlike him I'll never lead streams
Of Your Son's blood
I wouldn't deny Him
When the cock crows three time
Hell let it be thirty times
I still wouldn't

Ohh silent God speak to me
I spoke to Thee
Carry I in Your right hand
And put I next to Jesus
Let me visit valley of His might
And judge twelve tribes of Israel
Through His eyes

I want to swim
Red blood streams
Flown for my sins
Now cause I plead

I've never seen but I believe

I've never seen but I believe
In ten paths engraved on stone
Made for my feet to run through
That speak of them and I
Holier than thou
In the name of the Father
The Son
And the Holy Ghost
I Pray