Poems of Hope.

Into the future

Yesterday was long and lonely
Yesterday was cold and rainy.
With the winds blowing ruthlessly
at the exposed vulnerability of my soul.

Yesterday has creeped into the dreams of today.
With it's long slithery tentacles it reaches into todays pleasures to turn them into sorrow.
There is little that is safe from the greedy arms of a forgotten yesterday.

I knew the ship was sinking, there were sirens and the toll of the bell as it sounded the demise of ....
Even if I had reacted in time, what use was it?
The lifeboats were never loaded on this ship
The Carpathia was lying incomminicato.

I have seen crashed into the icebergs.
I know their might and strengths
But I have survived them
So today I am building a schooner mightier than the titanic
I will sail over the oceans of love like a wind whistling of raging storms.
I will sail through the tentacles of yesterday as my heart races to catch up to my future.

Dare I define Poetry.

Power of poetry lies in an artist's pen.
In the gliding of a pencil on fine paper.
In the creation of a poem without words.
Power of poetry lies in words that sound
better when seen rather than read.

Power of poetry lies in an artist's mind
In his imperfection to interpret the world as he sees,
In his forgotten stanza of an almost beautiful Prose,
In the blindness with which he sees the world as a rose
or in his failure to see from whence a rose arose.

In the little voice that says "that is not a tree"
"That is not a landscape". It is the poetry you
will write or sing or dance.
for poetry is in the perfectly sung tunes of a melody
or the mesmerising tap of a dancer's graceful feet.
Power of poetry lies in doing what you do the best way
you can do it.

Run my son

Run my son and never stop
Like the summer winds run my son
Never look back my poor son
Run with all your might and will
Run forever till you meet the horizon

My son, Forger me and the past
My time has come and yours just begun
So son run with the wind and be safe.
I will miss you, but I have loved you too much
to let you die with me, Run my son
Forget me now and remember only my love.

Those were the words of a dying mother.
A mother in the hands of her enemies.
She let go of her son so he could run with the wind.
A mother who sacrificed her life for her son.
She did not want him to leave but she let go anyway.

I could see the hurt in her heart
I could feel the sorrow in her soul.
The tears streaming down her face
The pains cutting her heart like a sword,
But she let go of her only son.

Today I saw a mothers love
It was incomparable to anything I know.
I was touched by a woman's love.
How selfless and powerful it is.
Today I was down on my knees.

'cause I had forgotten how to be human
When I saw a mother's love today
It had me weak at the knees
When I saw the pain of a dying mother
My heart could not take it when she said
Run like the wind my son

Shed,Spare, Light

Will you shed a tear for the child who
goes to bed tonight without a grain in his belly.
Or the one who sleeps in the street tonight
after the stupification from the toxins the rich man sold him.
For the young boy whose grocer is in the city dump.

Will you spare a thought for the old wrinkled lady
Whose eyes whow no sign of worldly life
As they gaze into the distant memories that keep
her going even though she has nothing to live for.
The frail little grandma who weeps because
today nobody offered her a slice of bread for her
five grandchildren

Will you light a candle for the young woman
carrying aa married man's child after he told
her he was unmarried and madly in love with her.
She doesn't know which man will will take her
to his shack tonight, let alone who will be
patient enough for a screaming baby.

So before you moan about your meal
not being of a five-star hotel standard
Or the bread not being baked to perfection
Or your gown not being classy enough
Or your designer tie not being an import.
Remember someone nearby is not as fortunate
Some child died because of malnutrition.
And this winter another will die from the cold.