Love and loss


Love and Loss

Red stilleto

With a faint breeze at her back
she opens the door,
And walks down the corridor.
Floats down the passage in he red dress
Which screams of an underlying body flauless.
She brushes my heart with a divine smile,
And suddenly as if she is the goddess of nile
my illnesses have vanished by a mile.

Red stilleto did you see the mass of hearts
left behind as you danced in your tights?
Or the bunch of fat ladies shaking their heads in envy.

But I was the one who was left amazed
At how I could have been so dazed
by the little revelation of your body's maze,
But you did walk and smile with such a blaze.

In the air

There's an electricity in the air
A storm brewing from the depths unkown
The pressure rises and the grinding intensifies
Two planets are drawn together

Apollo carries the sun past towards the west
Won't he wait for me to finish my quest
Or won't cupid lend me his arrows
Why won't aphodite visit this house in turmoil
Maybe Ares will lend me his army

My soul weeps deeply in it's recesses tonight
As I wonder in the eye of a tornado within
I have not tasted honey so bitter with sweetness
Nor glanced a flamingo so horrendous with beauty.

A love that is all and is none
Trully it is a frame of beauty, yet it can not be itself
If a man has known happiness,
he has not been happy untill
he has had a heart heavy and sinking with love
Yet no man may claim to know saidness
if he has not known the happiness of love

Sing for me

Oh most powerful Merlin
Great master of the mighty excalibur
I pray thee, bid excalibur sing for
for a lonely heart.
Will you let her velvety voice sooth
this longing heart.

I pray you merlin, let her song fill
this void in my soul.
Will her melody mend my broken heart,
for my other half sleeps in another crib tonight

Make a concoction, a spell, anything
I do not care,
As long as it brings these two pieces
of a love-song together.

I shouldn't, but I will

I know I shouldn't love you so
I know I shouldn't trust you so
That I gibe you my most valued possesions
But I will.

I will give you my love and trust.
I will offer you my body and soul.
I will stand waiting for you in the rain
and ask that I may carry for you the pain.
Because fighting this feeling will be in vain.

I shouldn't let you into this home
when I've seen what kind of gorges you roam
But I will.
I will, because you have conqured me.
I will, because doing otherwise would shatter me.

There will be no rules for you to follow
There will be no demands and no accussation.
Only offers of love as vast as the ocean,
And gifts of tenderness and caring.

I know I shouldn't offer you so much
when I know I may have my heart broken.
I know I shouldn't trust you so much
When I know you may steal my heart.
But I will
Because I'm praying that you will steal
my heart and keep it in your arms,
where you will rock it gently and tenderly.


Her words sounds more like a clanging bell That goes on and on,like a stone
falling in a deep well,but how can I ever face this sadist,if I have never
even seen her face.
At least I know she doesnt belong to the human race.
I hear she was the best;the most beautiful and trusted of them all;
I mean angels;an angel once close to the Father's heart,but yet had a
stone-hard heart;
Hard enough to have created the word evil; for that she deserves to be
called the "d"uchess of evil - Devil
You are probably resting;enjoying yourself on the red and yellow duvets of
As tons of helpless people dwell into your home of unending misery.
Well,enjoy it while it lasts;
The wheel is always rolling and one day,I promise you,the the tables will
turn on you.
And you will suffer and suffer;
From your own doing.


I am comming your way

Darling I am comming your way tonight
I will float on the winds might
And carry a burning light.

I will walk throught the fire
And ford the lake infested with snakes
Just so I can hold your hand tonight

There are no astute decisions or sacrifices to be made
Only your pain to be shared
Your burdens to be off-loaded.

I heard your call and saw your tears
And I bring my shoulder to wipe them away.
I bring my ear so you can shout your troubles away.
I offer my hand so you can reach higher.

Hush! don't say a word, don't raise a finger
Don't touch a thing don't move a muscle.
Let me say all that needs to be said
And do all that needs to be done
Let me carry the burden and show you the brigde.

Whatever made you not to call sooner?
I would have sailed a schooner,
I would have swam through the ocean,
No obstacle could have stood in my path.
No wall could block my way should your cry ever beckon.


Take Guardianship

Take guardianship of my heart,
so it may know warmth at your hands
and learn of chastity in your embrace.

Take guardianship of my heart
so whethere it aches or bleeds it may
know the socitude of belonging

Take guardianship of mine heart
Keep it safe and warm next to yours,
so they will be as one.
Keep it sheltered from the rains and storms,
So when nature call it is not bitter nor scornful.

Take guardianship of this heart.
I give it to you without reservations.
Do with it as you will, as long as you keep it in your bosom always,
so that whether it breaks or bleeds it may have hands to mend it.

Take guardianship this heart and it will be yours to do your bidding and hold your name lord supreme in it billets.

Dare not

I dare not love again
I will not fall in the trap again
I loved once and it was enough to last me a lifetime
I fell in love and could not pick myself out of that trench.

I dare not love,
I loved too deeply and too blindly,
and the cataracts still grow daily.
Last I loved it was fully and gaily
and openly, but it was material and cheap.
I dare not say the word lest I let the chains bind me again to foolishness

Could have met and loved others,
Could have swam with the bigger fishes,
But it was that one little fish I coul not get away from
Her noose still hangs tightly around my neck
And try as I may, there's no escape.
She must have had her mark engraved in metal castings 'cause no matter what I try
I can't shake it off.

You fair Dame

I had been known to be of wise breed,
I had been known to be of unstaggering posture,
But your beauty made me weak at the knees
And your eyes drove my mind into the winds
If only you had not been a goddess.

Not the waters of the seven seas
Could wash a face as soft as thou
Not the perfume of the gods themselves
Can make a woman as fresh as thee
For your face makes Cleopatra ordinary.

If you were my Delilah
Then I give myself to thee knowingly
For no man can resist your charm.
What man can bypass a perfect artifact of nature
and dare call himself a wise man.

Did Cleopatra not drive stronger men insane?
Did she not have wiser men eat from her palms?
Did Cleopatra not drive the gods into jealousy?
Then how can a mere man like myself not praise the ground you walk on?
And how can a mortal man like me not die with envy at the face of your beauty?

Run my love

A process that should never have been permitted,
But somehow there was no controlling our perpetrations
As we could not be held down by persecutions.
For such a process seemed to give us perseverence,
and rendered our ring of thugery impermeable.

But we were such horrible traitors.
Peddling our perveted and unholly traidings,
Pertinacious in our ways regardless of tractions
we caused among the poor tribe that saw it a travesty.
But we were young and untrained,
And we believed in what our hearts told us true

They saw it as perveted,
To us it was a deep-sea portrait.
Something man would never completely grasp,
For it was a gift from the stars.
How they could have seen it otherwise
I do not know

Let us flee this town we love and treasure
and seek solace amongst strangers in a foreign land,
For in this town I only see avengers and scavengers,
Wearing hoods and preying the minority and vulnerable.
Come with me, let's leave our house.

Let's dwell among the distant mountains
And count ourselves lucky that the alpine gods will have us.
If they ignore us and let us be, it will
be better than the phobias, mutilations, cides and isms
that we suffer in this land

Run my darling here comes the hounds
See you not the demons racing at our heels
We must escape, lest we tors and turn in the fires of hell
Faster, Faster they are getting nearer.
They snap at our heels and in a moment
they will snap our necks

All because we confessed our love for each other

For Fate

If my heart could have loved
It would have been that perfect stranger
The one I glimpsed as I stepped of a train
as it quickly sped away with my love
It would have been the stranger
who looked into my eyes as if reading my soul.

If love had not been so cruel
And my heart not so deeply hidden
I would have given it to the one who could hypnotize me with a smile
And capture my heart even if for a while.

Fate must have made a fateful error
for it gave my angel the wrong destination
Forced to watch as the car sped away, my heart fluttered and faltered and fumbled as the falcon himself flew away with my soul
And I forbidden by the laws of gravity could do nothing.

What man could soar like a falcon
Or move with the might and magnificence of a train.
Anything else I could have matched
But the power of a flash of lightning so fast and furious whether it actually did strike or not leave a question,
I could not.

The One

Delilah, oh sweet Delilah!
Why do you haunt my dreams?
Why do you lurk in the depest of my thoughts?
Delilah who do you call me on a rendezvous?
What spell have you cast on me?

Juliet, oh most beautiful Juliet!
Whence art thou oh gracious Juliet
My heart only bleeds at your sight
Reason only becomes the fiercest of my enemies
Juliet, spare me the pain of missing you.

Cleopatra, oh wonderful Cleopatra!
Why do you enslave my poor heart?
Why do you mock my innocent reason?
Your eyes penetrate the deepest of my longings.
Cleopatra, from whence art thou these powers?

Monalisa, oh most alluring Monalise!
At your sight I'm only but a child
At your touch this puppy is nothing but satisfied
At you command the world exist no more
Monalisa you mother my deepest desires.