The story behind the Medunsa Poetry Club


The Medunsa Poetry Club was established February 2004 to encourage and promote the art of poetry in Medunsa. The organisation aims to establish a culture of free expression among the Medunsa students. This will be accomplished through a publication in the form of a student newsletter. The founding members of the club are Neo(chairlady), Vule(secretary), Shadrack(public relations officer, and Victor(treasurer) and they also form the executive commitee of the organisation. The Club continues to grow and will hopefully become one of the biggest organisation in the institution by the end of year 2004. The name of the club will be changed in the year 2005 in line with the amalgamation of Medunsa and The University of the North.


So far only one of the members of the Club has her work published. The club is looking into getting more works published in the near future, so keep an eye on this space for more information on publications.

Express Me

Expression are Explosions of impressions
cast Extensively within intensively imploring minds
finding ways of escaping the improsonment of the confines of a dreamless scalp.
Like the words that explode in your mind
Express me, Express me.
Profile me with-out this implosion of a triping circuit of neurons ascending and descending in a confusing portrayal of the mad dance.
Profile me beyond the unreasonable reasons of a confined explorer, they shout.

How dare they.
How dare they ask such a thing of me
Don't they know in a world of correctness expressions are suppressed lest they cause an improper harrasment of the political well-being of a dying society.
These Expression of Impressions of Exploding Implosions that must not be Expressed.